Thursday, 23 July 2009

How to make money from Cashback sites

It's a common question that does get asked probably every day of the year!

It's really easy, but you just need to know how first then away you go, so here goes your step by step guide on how to make money from Cashback sites.

Firstly, I'd suggest that you set up a new e-mail address that you can have for junk mail, as you will get this - it's all harmless and makes you money, but it's best to keep it out of your main e-mail address. Also, consider putting a different mobile number (pick up a free SIM card from Tescos say) and use that number to pop into fields when completing forms when filling out surveys, or when contact details may be requested.

Secondly, pop onto the internet, and there are a wide range of Cashback sites that you can join, I've listed a few below, and I will explain to you at this point that they carry my referral link (I will receive a very small amount if you register - this is something that you can also do in turn once you refer people to the site)...











Now how to actually make money...

Well you can do this in a variety of ways, listed below:

1. Buying goods on the internet, but via any Cashback site first
2. Daily Clicking of sites that you receive credits for each time you click through to a result
3. Fill out surveys & sign up for newsletters
4. Simply referring people to the site

So, firstly, buying goods on the internet...

If you normally spend money in the shops on any kind of item, then have a look at the internet first, as you maybe losing out on easy cashback.

All you need to do is register with one of the sites above, and then head out to the shop you'd normally buy your goods from, and the shop will track that you visited via the cashback site, and if you end up buying anything from the shop, it will pay commission to the cashback site, which in-turn will pay you commission. An easy earner, I'm sure you'll agree.

Secondly, Daily Clicking...

Each cashback site has a section called Daily Clicks, or Recurring Clicks - these are sites that listed by the cashback site that will earn you a few pence each time when you click through, so say for arguments sake you click on to a comparison search, click through to a retailer once you've done the comparison, and you will get a credit for it, some sites allow you to do this up to 5 times in one day!

You can do a lot of these daily clicks, and the money starts to come in around 2-3 months after you start. In terms of spending time on it, I spend just under an hour each day doing this, and earn £4 a day at present, I could do more, but don't have the time thanks to my full time job, but if you have the time, then you could earn a lot more.

Thirdly, completing Surveys...

If you do have the time to spend on the internet, then get filling in some surveys, as they will pay you anything from 50p to £5 depending on which survey you complete, and once completed, they may e-mail you with more to complete, meaning you'll make more money from them.

You can also sign up for newsletters and earn money that way too, this is really easy, and there are a large number of these on the sites that will earn you really easy money.

Finally, Referring people to your site...

Yes, this is the really simple part, but also will earn you the lowest unless you know a lot of people - but simply send them your referral link (like I have done earlier on in my blog), and if the person you've sent it to, joins the cashback site, then you'll make anything from 50p to £5 again depending on the site.

Making money off Cashback sites is really easy, but one thing you really need to do between each site, is to clear your cookies, which is basically selecting Tools/Internet Options/Clear Cookies on your own PC, this means that your next visit to one of the cashback clicks will appear to the merchant as a new click, and ensure that you get credited for the visit.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that it is not a guarantee that you'll receive cashback from anything you've clicked on or bought, but it is generally the case that you do.

Now what about examples?

Well the best example I can give you is when it came to taking out Home Insurance, my current one was due to expire so I used the cashback sites to find out which one I could get some decent cashback on.

I saw a few listed, but the ones that stood out were Asda Insurance were offering £68 cashback, whilst HSBC Insurance were offering £60 cashback, so I thought I'd split my insurance, and get Buildings with HSBC, and Contents with Asda. The total money I paid for the insurance was £145.00, however, both Asda & the HSBC paid the cashback out to the relevant cashback site that I'd gone through, meaning all I had really paid was £17 for a year's insurance!!!

I really do recommend you get into Cashbacking if you have the time, as it does pay out, and have found the forums on each site to be well worth visiting.

Join the revolution, and make some extra money!!!